Trump and the Fundamental Flaw

As a nation, we are living out the daily reality of working with a person whose need for self-aggrandizement outstrips his regard for the needs of the organization.

Although the person is President Trump and the organization is the United States, this feels oddly personal to me. I have shared this kind of misery in the workplace, and it can be soul-wrecking.

Donald_TrumpLying because of pride is a profoundly human fundamental flaw. It is sown by the father of lies and left to the individual to tend as gardener. It inevitably leads to more and more lies, if left unchecked.

It causes sheer hell for the leader’s staff. It becomes the organization’s Achilles heel.

In spiritual terms, the flaw becomes a stronghold for evil.

Again this morning, President Trump has demonstrated he is profoundly human in this way. He’s admitted on Twitter he did share highly classified information with the Russians, just one day after members of his hapless staff denied that truth as it was reported by The Washington Post.

Characteristically, Trump’s tweets were defensive in nature and lacked any acknowledgment of the potential fallout for the source of that intelligence he shared, presumably someone working in a battlefield nation in the Mideast.

The presidency is the ultimate worst place to be trying to overcome a lifetime of this character flaw, if in fact he’s making any effort.

That’s particularly true given the spiritual desert Trump has chosen to occupy. Who can he trust enough to be the iron that sharpens iron, the person who speaks truth in love? Is it possible to hear that truth or to feel such love if you’ve never actually felt God’s love for you?


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